About Healing for men

For a long time I have written pieces on a range of subjects related to youth work and ministry over on my Learning from the streets blog – which you can find here: ‘Learning from the Streets’. ┬áThe purpose of me starting this blog is that I wanted to write not about what I learn about practice, but more what I am learning about me, maybe more pertinently, a space to talk about the kinds of things that often Men do not really talk about.

In the past I have had some very positive comments and feedback about the pieces I have written on myself, my journey, therapy, healing and discoveries, and im grateful for them, as an encouragement to share and reflect on other aspects of my healing and life, to encourage others to do the same.

In a way I wanted to keep some of this stuff separate from the learning from the streets blog, as this one will focus solely on personal, therapeutic reflections, on stuff of life, healing, emotions, and me discovering who I am. I cant say it’ll be pretty at times, but it something i hope will inspire other people, especially men to be more open about.

Do click the blogs link above and have a read, or the links on the right…

Thank you


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